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Create an eye-catchy, creative and engaging invitation to any event you wish! AI Perfect Assistant will express all your feelings and clear all event detail quickly and easily with a perfect invite. Treat your guests specially with customized invitations.

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Generate a Reply to Chat Message

Generate a Reply to Chat Message

Reply to your chat messages in just couple clicks. AI Perfect Assistant creates logical and structured answers to any type of messages you get in your chats or groups. Keep track of all the events without spending too much time on creating a perfect reply with our AI powered tool.

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

Make your dearest people feel special on their special day. Get them a unique Birthday wish. AI Perfect Assistant will generate birthday wishes that are more meaningful and heartfelt, as well as more humorous and light-hearted. Share your wishes with others, spread joy and cheer, no more need to worry about putting your feelings into words - AI Perfect Assistant got you.

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“We started using the AI assistant for creative writing on our team. Having it installed to my Word document is incredible. It's always at hand and the quality of the content it produces is amazing.”

Jin Syoung

Chief Marketing Officer

“AI Perfect Assistant creates readable and understandable pieces of texts. You may just type in the requirements and all the work is done! No misprints or stumbles, love it!”

Lizbeth Gonzalez

Chief Human Resources Officer

“Nice addition to my MS Teams bundle. Quick chat messages, translations and comment with no extra effort or brainstorming.”

Kazu Kawasaki

Business Unit Manager

Integrate AI into your workflow

Unlock Office 365's Full Potential. Automate Mundane Business Tasks with AI Perfect Assistant.

PowerPoint logo

Microsoft PowerPoint

Make your presentations stand out with AI Perfect Assistant. Outline your presentation plot, shorten text on slides, and change the tone of your text - all with the click of a button.

Microsoft Word logo

Microsoft Word

Make Microsoft Word smarter with AI Perfect Assistant. Get the help you need to write text paragraphs, check grammar, simplify language, and even translate text.

Microsoft Outlook logo

Microsoft Outlook

Say goodbye to tedious emails. AI Perfect Assistant works inside Outlook to quickly generate replies, summarize lengthy threads, and enhance drafts. Get more done with fewer errors and improved clarity.

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams

Make your chat messages count. Our integration helps you generate replies, translate messages, and customize the tone, language, and length of your chat messages to match the preferences and expectations of different recipients.

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Telegram Web App 

Say goodbye to mundane business tasks and hello to automation with AI Perfect Assistant Telegram Web App. Get more done while you on a phone.

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Chrome Extension 

Say goodbye to mundane business tasks and hello to automation with AI Perfect Assistant Chrome Extension. Get more done while you browse the web.

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I love using AI Perfect Assistant for Office365! It makes writing blogs so easy with its prompt templates, language preferences, writing style and writing tone options. It always gives me impressive results with brilliant formatting!

Lisa Sharpe [Source]

Content Manager at Starbucks

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Unlock Office 365's Full Potential. Automate Mundane Business Tasks with AI Perfect Assistant.

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